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Lisa Redford Carolina Rain

Rating B

Lisa Redford recently released a collection of twelve acoustic gems all self-written and produced. She has one of those voices that make you feel good when you listen to her, her sound is upbeat as she tackles some of life’s little mysteries on the release.

Lisa hails from England, but her music could easily be classified in the American Folk Scene. The songs are slices of life and are looked at with a unique and inquisitive eye. Her ability to carry a line on the acoustic guitar is first rate.

Hope Never Dies allows Lisa’s voice to shine at its brightest. She sings of a period of unsurity but insists ‘My hope never dies.’ Be Around speeds things up a bit and is a song of the aftermath of a break up. She is facing her new life full of uncertainty and doubt, now that everything is different. Changing Times slows things back down and is an offer of hope to Lisa’s love that she will be there through the good and bad times.

Goodbye again uses a good guitar line to highlight Lisa’s expressive voice.

As a freshman effort Lisa creates an exciting CD that shows a lot of promise for her future success. It is a good listen and deserves some attention.

Dennis Halsey
The Best Female Musicians, New York