“One of our finest singer/songwriters” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“I agree with Bob Harris” Dave Cash, BBC Radio

Bob Harris, writing about Lisa and her live Radio 2 session in Maverick Magazine Issue 56: ‘It was also wonderful to discover why everyone thinks so highly of Lisa Redford. She was lovely…bright, enthusiastic and talented. She works incredibly hard and takes a hands-on role in all aspects of her career, from recording, pressing and releasing her own CD’s to booking her own tours. .. her second album ‘Lost Again’, contains a superb version of Neal Casal’s ‘Fell On Hard Times’…just voice and guitar. She exactly locates and expresses the plaintive emotion of the song.’

“Lisa Redford is fast becoming one of the UK’s Americana darlings, garnering constant praise from important tastemakers such as BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris”
For The Country Record

“Lisa Redford is one of the UK’s most versatile country/folk singers.”
Six Shooter Country

“Bob Harris has said of Lisa that she’s “one of our finest singer/songwriters”, and it’s hard to disagree as her songs are as masterfully written as they are sung. I was particularly pleased to see Lisa perform Music & The Mountains, which is a really beautiful song about unrequited love. I knew of this song because Bob Harris, he of Bob Harris Country fame, had Lisa on to perform for his Under The Apple Tree sessions. She also sang Wildfire, from her more Americana skewed second album Lost Again, which also sounded terrific. Lisa plays with passion all the while managing to look serene and blissfully happy in her craft.” 4000 Miles to Nashville, Live Review from Record Store Day.

“I really enjoy listening to Lisa’s music, her unique vocals and traditional instrumentation blend well together and the subject matter of her songs are easily relatable. It is no wonder her music has received radio airplay across the world.”
Best British Country Music

‘without a doubt one of the warmest, genuine and passionate musicians I have had the pleasure interviewing in 2 years I have been presenting my show, and your songs and the way you deliver them can touch even the hardest of souls.’
David Durant, Brooklands Radio

‘The alluring songstress, Lisa Redford is a name recognized internationally with a velvety voice gracing radio waves and stages from Europe to the United States, and an ever growing devoted fan base eager to download her next release. Meeting Lisa, it came as no surprise why she is adored by so many. Her personality gracefully exudes confidence, with an adorable sense of humor and infectious smile. She is honest and humble, and true to her craft’
Nina Wasankari, TalkMagNYC

’delicate acoustic roots pop with heartfelt lyrics and a superb vocal’ Reveal Records

‘Lisa’s well crafted songs bridge the gap between roots and pop with style and integrity and she sings them beautifully.‘ Amberley Folk Club

‘There are singers with great vocals, there are singers with unique vocals and there are singers with special vocals. Once in a while you come across a singer who combines those qualities. That’s when you know you are listening to something special.

Lisa Redford certainly is something special. Having released a number of excellent albums in previous years it is time for a new EP called “Reminders”. The heartfelt lyrics are brought to life by Lisa’s warm vocals and her crafty songwriting. One of her trademarks is that the songs have a certain familiarity to it. On “Reminders” she addresses the dreams, hopes, challenges and struggles that we all can relate to in one way or another.’
Inner Ear Media, The Netherlands

“Stylistically drawing upon Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and Neil Young, her song ‘Dragonfly’ was without doubt the star of the show.”
Live review of set at Folk East, Grapevine Live Magazine

“Another powerful finely honed vocalist was a feature of the support in the form of Lisa Redford whose consistently polished material surely merits wider attention…her song structures, guitar pattern and vocal style recalled Patty Griffin.”
Live review of Green Note gig, AmericanaUK 

“No stranger to live performances, Lisa Redford is engaging from the off. Incredibly heartfelt songs sung with a gorgeous easy listening voice you could listen to all day. On the stage solo with only Morris for company, she owned her set and had the audience compelled from start to finish. A treat for us all, Lisa had a classic, yet modern sound with engaging melodies, she is a country pop star in the making.” Live review of Ipswich Music Day set, Grapevine Live Magazine


Praise for ‘Edge of Love’ 

“Classic heartbreak country and sparking pop..her ability to pen songs of genuine quality, further reflected in the bittersweet closer “Alone Tonight”, suggests that her moment is due very soon.” RnR Magazine ****

“Edge of Love” is catchy and harmoniously rich. Combining all that is so adored about Americana, country and melodic pop, Lisa Redford is a gifted artist.”
Maverick Magazine ****

“The EP offers a wonderful collection of songs about love – touching on every aspect, whether it’s excitement and nerves leading up to a relationship, the time within, or the aftermath. ‘Edge of Love’ is emotional throughout and once again, Lisa has firmly cemented herself as one of the leading singer songwriters of our genre. Brilliant.”
Belles and Gals – full review here

“It’s fair to say I’ve been really impressed by everything here; not just Lisa’s gorgeously expressive and honeyed voice but her clever and intricate songwriting too; with both combining best of all on my Favourite Track I Just Can’t Forget, which is a real class act in itself and made me stare at the speakers in wonderment the first time I heard it.”
Rocking Magpie – full review here

“quality, classy pop music with substance that will no doubt sound as fresh and relevant in a decade as they sound today…a timely reminder that she is one of our most talented songwriters..” Penny Black Music – full review here

“Was totally hooked by the opening track..plenty more to follow..clear heartfelt vocals sung with feeling & backed up by an array of excellent musicianship.”Grapevine Live Magazine

“Edge of Love EP is an extremely impressive release with strong, heartfelt vocals and accomplished songwriting, musicianship and production. One can feel the creative energy and love that went into this lovely little collection of varied acoustic folk Americana.” Outline Magazine 9.5 out of 10 – full review here
“It takes real talent to make such songs not sound overly sentimental and sappy, and Redford pulls it off with class. Like I said: that’s how I prefer my country.”
Slim Chance, NL – full review here

“fine artist.. I recommend you check this out.” Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster

 “It’s a little bit Country, a little bit Folk, a little bit Pop and a whole lot of heartfelt soul! The Edge of Love EP kept me interested from start to finished with its charm.”
The Music Below – full review here 

“there remains a heartbeat at the centre of this record because Lisa Redford (plus band) has made a rousing comeback that is likely to win over new supporters here as well as overseas.” Famous Last Words, Norway – full review here

“Redford has a lovely warm voice, not dissimilar to that of touring partner Sarah Darling, and our advice would be to catch her in a small venue now before you can only see her headlining the main stage at C2C Country to Country.”
Shire Folk Magazine 

“her styling is a mix of country/folk, pop and soul and her deliverance of these songs are really first class.” The British Steelies Society Newsletter

“Compulsive listening” Forever British Country. Full review here

“captivating beautiful..It is not hard to understand why Bob Harris calls her ‘one of our finest singer/songwriters’, and why she has been compared to a young Emmylou Harris as a result. ‘Edge of Love’ is a heartfelt, easy-on-the-ear EP. For those looking for a folk-laden country record, you need look no further.” Building Our Own Nashville. Full review here

“Lisa has an easy, beautifully textured voice and an achingly candid way with a lyric…full of sharp, sweet insight and heart-tugging hooks, the sounds of her different worlds collide to soothe your soul..” Alan Cackett – full review here

“fits seamlessly into a contemporary Americana/Folk sound that is commercial & radio friendly… her output has been consistently praised for its quality and depth. The five tracks included here are beautifully arranged and played by an ensemble of studio players that include the multi-instrumental talents of José McGill, who not only produced, engineered and mixed, but also performed on an array of instruments..Lisa plays acoustic guitars and sings in a voice that has great resonance and timbre…No questioning the talent of this artist and with plenty of industry experience, the time for Lisa Redford to reach a wider audience is well-nigh… Do check out this excellent music.” Lonesome Highway, Dublin

“An awe-inspiring depiction of relationship difficulties characterized by polished vocals, precise melodies, and vulnerable lyrics. Momentary bliss ballad Alone Tonight is a standout. Spotify the stunning EP.” MusicCityMemo

“A quite superior EP, that has had to fight against the odds to even be heard, and is well worthy of your attention.” W21 Music. Full review here

“fine artist..splendid EP..I recommend you check this out” Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster  

Praise for ‘Another Place and Time’ 

Lisa Redford EP Cover

“really outstanding UK talent” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“beautiful” Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio

“found her music refreshing and in a sense ‘pure’” Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk 

“Distinguished by classy songwriting and a heartfelt vocal delivery on songs including the standout ‘Music and the Mountains’, she’s a class act.” R2 Magazine

 ‘with Redford’s uncanny ability to create beautifully heartfelt songs, this EP is guaranteed to be a winner. Fatea Magazine

‘heartfelt English country infused with the unmistakable air of Americana’ Outline Magazine 

‘Elegant and tender folk, country and Americana’ Songwriting Magazine 

“Redford has the kind of open and expressive voice that purveys honesty, it makes her sound so genuine that she is addressing each and everyone of the audience directly, which makes connecting to her songs easy.” Americana UK

“a set of exceptional songs, sung from the heart of an outstanding singer who knows a thing or two about how to write a song that touches the listener..Lisa Redford has released a set of songs that are simply beautiful.” Penny Black Music 

‘Lisa Redford has an amazing ability to portray a certain vulnerability  yet a complete confidence in her vocals and ‘Another Place and Time’ is a fine example of her talents. The four tracks also show the strength in her songwriting and there is no doubt that this EP is from a performer who is at the very top of her game. Brilliant.’ Belles and Gals

“Lisa’ music is a beautiful blend of the sweetest style of country and the purest sound of Folk music. It is a breath of fresh air” Building Our Own Nashville

“Wow, that’s beautiful, gentility at its best” The American Connection Country Music Show

“It is hard to put into words how amazingly crafted Lisa’s work is, every song is quite literally a work of art” Country Belles

‘a showcase of Lisa’s wonderful voice combined with simple yet beautiful Americana melodies” Your Life in a Song

Praise for ‘Reminders’

‘She’s got such fantastic warmth to her music..a wonderful artist’ Bob Harris

“I was taken aback at the maturity in both her vocals and songwriting…The production quality is superlative, the songs exceptionally well-written, especially the opening “Reminders” with the intuitive lyrics. “Dreaming In Crowds” is a gently flowing harmonic beauty with a kind of Carole King feel, without in any way sounding like the legendary singer-songwriter. Here’s a young lady who’s blossomed into a mighty fine singer-songwriter deserving of the widest possible recognition. I think it’s time that she took the plunge and recorded a full album with similar quality songs and production as this … it would be a world-beater.” Maverick Magazine ****

‘UK-based singer/songwriter Lisa Redford continues to treat her fans to more of her lyrical mastery with her latest EP, “Reminders.” The riveting title track shows the continued maturation of Lisa’s already distinct style, while “Summer on the L” offers a delightful sense of fun.’ New York Examiner

‘a delightful ep that really captures the essence of the songs.’ Fatea Magazine

‘Lisa Redford has a lovely, warm voice that her self-written songs about personal life experiences can effortlessly carry. Think in terms of vocal style similar to singers like Tift Merritt and Shawn Colvin.’ Roots Time, Belgium

‘A nice voice and a quality-written track, I love it!  Seshny Blog

“Reminders” is an EP with personal songs that can really speak to you. The lyrics are relatable and the arrangements are clever and never get in the way of the story or the message. They actually enrich the songs and make them better as a whole. In conclusion we can say that Lisa Redford presents us with another very good release that showcases her talent as a very special singer/songwriter with a very own and unique sound. The crossover between her British heritage and her American influences helps to accentuate her uniqueness in her vocals and songwriting. To make a long story short, “Reminders” is a very fine new release by Lisa Redford’ Inner Ear Media, The Netherlands

‘A beautiful vocal on this poignant track by Lisa showing strong lyrical content accompanied by a haunting melody.’ Ralph’s Life Music Blog

‘Reminders by Lisa Redford is haunting. With one of the most unique vocals I’ve heard, comprised of an intrinsic sorrow and empathy, this song reminds me very much of Neil Young; the soft, pounding melody is delicately powerful, made up of acoustic embers and possession almost surreal dimension. It’s truly an artist’s song that channels genuine experience, emotions and pain’ Rock N Roll in My Soul

‘well crafted lyrics and Redford’s crystal clear vocals.’ Quirky NY Chick

‘Sensational and spellbinding’ Alive with Clive, NY

Praise for ‘Lisa Redford Live’

Lisa Redford Clouds with Silver Tour Photo ~ Stuart Hogben Photography

“’Influenced by the likes of Kathleen Edwards, David Gray, Ryan Adams and Tift Merritt, her music has been very much welcomed on the country/roots scene even though her own sound is at the pop end of the spectrum. Embracing the story-telling songwriter style, but with a sound that is both acoustic and lyrically catchy, has been to Lisa’s advantage though and whenever categorised she simply falls under the female singer-songwriter section, being both hard to define but also so varied that her music, like many, should not be placed in a box. Lisa has always been very committed to her music, building her reputation as a live performer is just one of these commitments, alongside bringing an honest songwriting style and beautiful vocal stylings to every one of her songs.’Feature and Review of Lisa Redford Live Album in Maverick Magazine ****

“Hailing from Norwich but living Stateside, Redford seems comfortable in the American-style songwriter niche, delivering her vocals with an easy, passion-filled competency that rises and pulls back in the right places. Comparable to Catherine Feeny, a Norwich adoptee, Redford at her best straddles the line between mainstream songwriter and left-field chanteuse. ‘Lost Again’ and ‘Be Around are soaring ballads that are sure to get your toes tingling if you have a sweet tooth… Looking and sounding a bit like Jewel is probably not a bad thing if you’re going to set up shop playing acoustic venues in New York, and Redford has been tipped as one to watch by country music afficionado and veteran broadcaster Bob Harris. Unlike many live shows packaged as LPs, this slice of Lisa Redford history allows listeners to experience the artist at her best, and fan’s won’t be disappointed by the immaculate recording, lush reverb and slightly off-kilter bright guitar.” Mia Vigar – Norwich Magazine

“Live” serves to highlight why a growing number are getting into Lisa Redford, she’s the complete package writer and performer. She’s got an emotional intesity to her sound, a conduit for not only the words and music that she penned, but also for the feelings that drive her creativity and the world that inspires them. You can almost feel the audience hanging on every word that drifts towards them from the stage.’  Neil King – Fatea Magazine


Praise for Clouds with Silver

‘A beautiful really is’ Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

‘Excellent new album…a real step up in sound for Lisa, the quality and profile of the guests are guaranteed to raise her profile both here and the US, and this is an album that will bring her to an even wider audience.’ Fish Records.

‘a very strong and confident piece of work that deserves to be heard.’
Proper Music Distribution

‘a sensational breeze of fresh air. The lyrical and vocal content of all 11 of Lisa’s self-penned songs, provide a longing for more and more accomplished singer-songwriters like herself to come out of the woodwork…a fantastic insight into a world of love, loss and changes’ Maverick Magazine ****

Bob Harris ‘darling’ set to charm the mainstream

‘She has really developed as both a songwriter and performer has our Redford, the London-based songwriter who has surpassed all her previous work with this beautiful record. Recorded in NYC, it’s clear a little bit of that city’s confidence and bravado has rubbed off on her and she seems way more confident and at ease with herself these days. The opener “Come Back Down” is a pearl. It’s simple (yet catchy as hell) riposte to self-evaluation that would, in an ideal world, attract heavy rotation at Radio 2. There is a warmth and welcoming vibe to Redford’s music that really is difficult to resist. Given that a lot of these songs seem to be about failed love or unquenchable longing, it’s an acute sense of melody and delivery that stop this becoming just another rummage around a broken heart. Musicianship is top class with strings being a welcome and unobtrusive addition. Her voice – sweet, sultry, sensational at times – becomes an old friend after a few plays and when at its best really does find a way of piercing the old emotional ducts. Bob Harris, the patron saint of female singer-songwriters, has Redfordright up there at the top of the pile. It’s easy to see why with “Clouds With Silver” potentially being the record that will catapult her to new heights. Yeah, liked this one, mighty fine indeed.’
Americana UK – 8 out of 10

‘Recorded in New York City and Norfolk (UK), with string overdubs in Nashville and co-produced by Brad Albetta (Martha Wainwright, Teddy Thompson), Lisa has been able to call on a pool of The Big Apple’s most talented players to flesh out her acoustic ballads. Four of the eleven self-written songs are also enriched by some beautiful string arrangements, provided by one of Nashville’s most highly regarded producers, David Henry (Josh Rouse, Alison Krauss, REM) and violinist and Ryan Adams cohort Claudia Chopek.

There’s an immediate connection to the emotional territory of the songs which imbues an easy familiarity and regular listeners to Bob Harris will already know Lisa’s subtle tremolo and classic country lilt. Infused with a real intimacy on tracks like NY Song, Call Me and the melancholic New Years Day and The Boy Who…, she can also up the volume for songs like the anthemic Makes Your Heart Sing and the band driven When You Come Home. This is classy and assured. Lisa is one to watch for sure.’
Properganda magazine

Lisa Redford
Clouds with Silver ****
There has always been an American influence on British singer-songwriter Lisa Redford so travelling to New York to record her third album must have felt like a natural progression. Lisa has also taken the role of co-producer for Clouds with Silver with Brad Albetta (Martha Wainwright’s husband).

The arrangements have a light touch and vary in their complexity in sympathy with the needs of the songs. The icy winter imagery of New Years Day and the contemplative lyric Time to Grow are accompanied by just acoustic guitar and would be diminished with any more complex arrangements, but elsewhere the warmth of strings or the addition of a rhythm section are added when required.

There are contributions from some fine New York musicians. JimCampilongo (of Norah Jones’ Little Willies) provides guitar on When You Come Home, violinist Claudia Chopek creates the harmonious string arrangements for NY Song and Live Your Life, and David Henry the string arrangements on Make Your Heart Sing and Here Alone.

There are lots of melancholic themes about break-ups, lost love and loneliness, but there is a sense of hope in the articulate lyrical construction that steers the songs away from any sense of self-pity. There is also a smattering of positive themes: Live Your Life advocates following one’s dreams, Time to Grow looks at self-development, Come Back Down warns against the pitfalls of arrogance and When You Come Home emphasises the importance of friends.

Clouds with Silver is Redford’s best album so far. Her pure, pretty voice has developed a deeper resonance and character and her attractive melodies and thoughful lyrics have become more consistent and finer crafted.
Country Music People Magazine

tellingly it’s the soaring yet intimate vocals of Redford that shine throughout…She adds smouldering depth to fine self-penned material such as ‘NY Song’, ‘Live Your Life’, ‘The Boy Who…’ and ‘Time to Grow’. Her grasp of texture, mood and fearlessness in giving it her all, I suspect, comes with the realisation that she actually possesses a voice able to do her musical vision justice.’R2 Magazine ****

‘Lisa Redford is a breath of fresh air. Hers is a pure and quite lovely voice which delivers some sweet Americana-tinged songs from the heart, all done to tasteful acoustic arrangements including some nice fingerstyle guitar. Redford is based in Manchester, but recorded this album in New York with Brad Albetta (Mr Martha Wainwright). Alison Krauss and Kathleen Edwards have been mentioned in connection with Redford, but the comparison only really holds in terms of vocal purity and the unfussy acoustic settings. Clouds with Silver, Redford’s third album, does not generally attempt the emotional darkness of Krauss or Edward’s moodier moments. It’s a slightly lighter confection (not necessarily a bad thing) and the bouncy country song When You Come Home is among the stand-out moments. The keening high notes of Call Me also betray Redford’s affection for Kate Bush – probably the first of those wackily characterful female singer-songwriters.’
Manchester Evening News

‘Lisa has already been described as, ‘one of our finest singer/songwriters, by BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris and I would not argue with a Bob recommendation. This is melodic acoustic music of the finest quality; gentle, soulful and uplifting at the same time. The end result has been achieved by recording in New York Citywith some of the best in the business and with two albums behind her the apprenticeship is complete. She mixes delicate and melancholy with the upbeat with ease and should sit pretty either side of the pond!’
Classic Rock Society Magazine

Redford has grown in both confidence and stature as both songwriter and singer for her best album to date.’ Fatea Magazine

‘Radio 2 playlist here you come’ **** The Event Magazine

‘heartfelt acoustic folk-pop gem’ Going Out Magazine,  Evening News

‘an accomplished and melodic achievement’ In-Sync Magazine

When You Come Home demonstrates both her powerful and soulful vocals and her maturity as a songwriter.’ Access to Music ATOM compilation CD which features Lisa.

Live Your Life is a song that shines a light on the futility of remaining trapped in one’s comfort zone and disregarding one’s intuition to avoid failure and disappointment, yet it also provides a consoling dose of inspiration for those who have stepped out of their comfort zone and been met by broken promises, failure and disappointment.  The underlying message of the song is that life is to be embraced not only for the rewards it has the potential to provide but also for whatever setbacks may be encountered along the way..Live Your Life is a great song to hear at any time, but especially after you’ve experienced a setback, failure or disappointment, for it’s sure to inspire you to persist in your quest to achieve your goal.’

Clive Swersky from Alive with Clive US TV show on the track ‘You’re your Life’ which Lisa has performed live on the show.


Praise for Lost Again

‘a lovely album..I’m a big fan of Lost Again’
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

‘Lost Again’ really delivers on the promise shown on her debut disc – memorable songs, strong vocals and sweet melodies combine to make an excellent album.’
Fish Records

‘one of the most captivating records of its kind that I’ve received for review this year…while Lost Again is manifestly a continuation in terms of Lisa’s deeply felt yet recognisably smart songwriting, and its basic idiom remains exquisite melodic country-tinged acoustic pop, the album is definitely and consciously more “produced”, with significantly increased instrumentation and beautiful (and imaginative) arrangements to envelop Lisa’s trademark stunning voice and acoustic guitar and complement her reflective, heartfelt and emotionally-charged (without being overwrought) lyrics…the end result is heart-meltingly good…Play this rapturously good CD just once, and you’ll definitely want to get lost again (and again, and again…) in its charms, I just know it!’

‘a well accomplished selection of songs which are personal, direct and easily accessible. Strong, distinct melodies give the tracks a sense of immediacy and are topped off by Lisa’s great voice and some excellent musical backing.’
Americana UK

‘my pick of the crop has to be Lost Again – Lisa Redford. I personally would put Lisa in the same bracket as country/folk singers Iris Dement and Nanci Griffith. I will be very disappointed if we do not get to hear more from this lady with the super voice. And her talents do not just stop there, all tracks on this album, except for one, were written by Lisa Redford. If you like good music, this one is well worth a listen.’
Roy Heap, Pedal Steel Magazine

‘a wonderful cd’
East Magazine

‘this album is even alt country-tinged set with zippy melodies and excellent playing all topped with Lisa’s effortlessly pure vocals.’
The Event Magazine ****

‘it is that voice which is her crowning glory and sets her apart from her contemporaries. In a market awash with quality female singer/songwriters Lisa Redford is up there with the best.’
Classic Rock Society

‘Lisa knows how to write songs that linger on longer than the length of the CD..she writes great melodies and lovely refrains.’
MazzMusikaS, Belgium

‘it’s wonderful but I expected that of course’ Harmony Ridge Music,California, USA

‘there is no doubting the quality of writing and performance’
Proper Music Distribution

‘a terrific record that I love a lot!’
Alt Country Cooking, The Netherlands

‘We love the Cd and have been playing it on the programs.’Folkscene, USA

‘seems to confirm the good things I said about the debut album so it will be a pleasure to play them in my radio show here…the songs are even easier on the ear than it’s predecessor!’
Radio Voce Spazio, Italy

‘Concerning Lost Again, the album from the young British Lisa Redford, we have to be
honest, that our attention was attracted by the name of the producer Gabriel Minnikin. The Ex-
Guthrie took the greatest part of all the instruments for his count. Therefore he’s responsible that the beautiful Redford stays at the good side from the frontier between commercial (pop) country andAmericana. By using instruments like banjo, mandolin, accordianand lap and steel guitar, he shows the full advantage of Redfordsvoice. Breakable ballads (Dragonfly) relieved by Americana tunes (Lost again / Love you anyway / You will know) and some commercial country pop (Wildfire / The way it goes / Why). Especially the Americana songs stole our hearts.’
Ctrlaltcounty, Belgium

‘Plain classy – roots and all..her ballady songs had an effortless feel, as if they bounced right out of her without her having to try.’
EDP Live review of Lost Again Album launch


Praise for Slipstream

‘a beautiful debut album…a lovely songwriter with a great voice.’ Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

‘Slipstream is an amalgam of heartache, fervour and triumph, sung with authority and passion…In a sea of smart female singer-songwriters, Lisa Redford is an admiral.’
Maverick Magazine ****

‘Every so often a CD by an totally new, unknown artist comes along and just knocks you sideways. That happened for me last year when SLIPSTREAM, the debut album by Norwich-based singer-songwriter Lisa Redford, landed in my CD player.’ Interview feature in Maverick Magazine

‘her long-awaited debut album, can best be described as heavenly…This album will grow and grow on you – buy it.’
The Event Magazine ****

‘this is no clumsy pastiche of other people’s work, it’s a distinct and individual disc that more than stands up on its own as a strong collection of new material. This is possibly the best independent UKsinger/songwriter disc we’ve heard over the past 5 years…Highly recommended.’
Fish Records

‘Redford’s voice is clear and well-articulated…she demonstrates a mature songwriting style…This album should provide her with a platform on which to further build her reputation.’
Country Music People magazine

‘an absolute beauty…twelve gorgeous songs that make an instant impression. Simple, pure, mainly acoustic, it’s an album full of highs…highly recommended.’
East Life Magazine

‘Redford never loses track of what she does best, which is create acoustic gems full of heart-felt emotion… captures Lisa’s ability to hold a listener’s attention with just her voice, words, and acoustic guitar.’
BestFemaleMusicians, New York

‘(allows) the strength and sensitivity of Redford’s voice to come to the fore, a tool she interweaves with her gentle picking to maximum effect…Redford’s star will shine somewhat brighter on the wider acoustic scene in the near future.’
Folk and Roots

‘Quite simply she writes great songs which are the perfect vehicle for her stunningly beautiful voice…she’s right up there with the best of them.’
Classic Rock Society

‘As a solo artist she exudes an angelic, almost ethereal charm; her agreeable, warm vocals simple and enticing, coupling delightfully with her palette of gentle acoustics…there’s a dedication at work beneath these dozen delightfully crafted songs that burns bright with commendable confidence.’
Logo Magazine ***

‘An excellent debut-CD from an interesting Brittish artist. I long to hear her next release. If you haven´t heard her, then do!’
Smalands Country Club, Sweden *****

‘delicate acoustic roots pop with heartfelt lyrics and a superbvocal..deserves to be bigger than Katie Melua!’
Reveal Records

‘a great album’
Harmony Ridge Music, California

‘This record showcases Lisa’s voice, one that could turn the bleakest Norfolk winter into a Bahamian paradise.’
Americana UK

Selected Press quotes

‘Sweetly angelic vocals and songs dealing with universal themes, this is a singer going places.’ East Life Magazine

‘A fine example of Lisa’s beautiful voice and songwriting talent.’ Review of Lisa’s song ‘Turn Away’ in The Event Magazine

‘An absolutely beautiful voice…her songs are simple and perfect and will be buzzing round your head for weeks after you hear them.’
BBC Radio

‘She has one of those voices that make you feel good when you listen to her… Her ability to carry a line on the acoustic guitar is first rate.’ Best Female Musicians

‘Acclaimed singer-songwriter Lisa has earned herself a reputation as a formidable talent. Don’t miss this star in the making.’
One Hundred Magazine

‘a wonderful voice’ Virgin Records

‘With an angelic voice and a shed load of talent this girl is going to go far..a born star..only a matter of time before she has world domination.’
The Biz ITV1

‘continues to make huge waves with her sweet melancholy…a formidable talent and a star in the making.’
Norwich Arts Centre