‘Clouds with Silver’

“a beautiful really is” Bob Harris

“a very strong and confident piece of work that deserves to be heard.” Proper Music Distribution

“a fantastic insight into a world of love, loss and changes” Maverick Magazine ****

‘Lost Again’


Soulful, sparse acoustic versions of the songs from Lost Again plus previously unreleased bonus track ‘Changing Times’

Limited Edition Signed CD! £5

Sold out! Digital version available on Bandcamp

‘Lisa Redford Live’

4 thoughts on “Store

  1. Hello Lisa,
    If still available i just successfully ordered ‘Clouds With Silver’, ‘Slipstream’ & ‘Lost Again The Acoustic Sessions’. It will be nice if you can sign them (not sure if you take part in the ordering process) I hope to order ‘Lost Again’ & ‘Live’ at a later date
    Thanks 🙂
    from Clive

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Just wanted to say many thanks for the two wonderful cds ‘Lost Again Acoustic Sessions’ and ‘Lisa Redford Live’ that I received the other day.
    Also for the signed postcards (great surprise!)… thankyou.

    Kind Regards,
    Adrian 🙂 xx

    • Hi Adrian,
      I am so glad to hear you received and are enjoying those 2 CDs. That really means a lot. Hopefully I’ll get to play the Isle of Wight someday!
      Thanks so much.
      Kind regards,
      Lisa 🙂

  3. Noticed the ‘LOST AGAIN’ CD was sold out so, as I really wanted it, I went to Amazon. I knew I had seen it there so ordered it there. The reason for the comment is because apparently it was the last one they had in stock. I’m not the only one who loves the country side of Lisa.

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