Songs available on Lisa Redford

You can listen on Spotify Icon and Bandcamp icon

New EP ‘Edge of Love’

‘Let Go’

‘Alone Tonight’

From EP ‘Another Place and Time’

‘Music and the Mountains’

‘Remember Me’ ~ Played on BBC Introducing

‘Reminders’ EP


From ‘Clouds with Silver’

Lisa Redford 'Clouds with Silver' album cover

“Here Alone”

‘New York Song’

‘Call Me’

From ‘Lost Again’

Lisa Redford 'Lost Again' album cover


From ‘Slipstream’

Lisa Redford debut album 'Slipstream'

Lisa Redford ‘Slipstream’ Album Cover

‘Be Around’

‘Red Eyes’

From ‘The Acoustic Sessions’

Lisa Redford 'Acoustic Sessions' cover

Lisa Redford ‘Acoustic Sessions’ cover

‘Why’ Acoustic Version

From ‘Lisa Redford Live’

Clouds with Silver tour image

‘Lisa Redford Live’ album cover

‘When You Go’ Live

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